Visiting an Art Museum

Visiting an Art Museum

Developed by Tie Jojima, Art History, Baruch College, CUNY

This assignment asks students to visit a museum and reflect about their experience in that very specific institutional space. The video functions like an ice-breaker, so that students might feel less intimidated going to a museum on their own, asking questions, and learning from the experience.

Learning Goals

After completion of this assignment, students will be able to:

  • Feel more comfortable in museums (they will know better what to look for, what to do, etc.);
  • Understand how museums are organized and exhibitions in general are devised;
  • Evaluate their pre-conceptions of those institutional spaces vis-à-vis their real experiences.
OERs & Course Artifact


  • Watch the video before going to a museum, taking notes of thoughts, anxieties, and questions you might have before your visit. Think of it like a diary.
  • Write your perceptions entering the museum: did you feel overwhelmed? Lost? Did you know what you wanted to see? How did you decide where or how to start your visit? What kind of information was made available to you? What kind of museum did you go and how this informed your perception?
  • If you could produce a video like this, from your own experience, what additional tips would you include for future museum goers?
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