Do you know about an open resource not listed here? Do you teach an OER-based or zero textbook cost course and want to share an assignment, lesson plan, or other material?

TeachOER is a living archive, contributing to a cross-disciplinary, faculty-driven dialogue about teaching with and creating OER.

We invite submissions of teaching materials from college and university faculty at all levels and in all disciplines. These should be appropriate for undergraduate or graduate students, and all teaching materials must be linked to openly-licensed learning objects, preferably OER. The learning objects may be developed by you or created by others; in either case they must have an appropriate license. These include Creative Commons licenses, other open licenses, and materials in the public domain. If you are unsure if your work would be appropriate for TeachOER, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at info@teachoer.org.

If your submission is accepted we will ask you to provide:

  • Links to the OER/openly-licensed material(s) that you worked with and/or developed.
  • Teaching artifacts (e.g. assignments, in-class activities, course units) that you’ve created that show how you have incorporated the OER/openly licensed materials in your course.
  • A brief reflection that provides an overview of the linked OER/openly licensed materials, some context for your contribution, and a description of your approach to developing and/or using OER/openly licensed materials. This reflection could include answers to questions such as:
      • What approach did you take in curating or developing your OER/openly licensed materials? Why did you choose these materials and how did you make them available to students (e.g. posted to your course site, emailed directly to students, linked from the syllabus)? What is the specific value to students?
      • What have you learned from curating/developing these materials? What would you change? What additional resources do you need or recommend to others (e.g. knowledge of a digital tool, a library consultation, a specific amount of time)?
      • How has teaching with OER/openly licensed materials changed your course, pedagogy, or thinking?
      • Are there any potential technical complications or other issues instructors should be aware of when teaching with this OER/openly licensed material?

All of the above materials will be published on TeachOER.org under a Creative Commons license of your choice. If desired, you will be credited with authorship and given the option to link to your personal or professional website.

Please note, all submissions will be reviewed by a member of the TeachOER team as well as a faculty member with knowledge of the discipline, if appropriate. Once we’ve had a chance to review your submission, we may ask that you make some revisions. In general, these revision requests are in the spirit of making your material accessible to a wider audience, honoring any copyright/FERPA issues, and creating some consistency within the repository overall.

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