Teaching about OER

In addition to supporting the TeachOER site and the development of teaching materials based on open and zero cost resources, the Baruch Center for Teaching and Learning has also sought to foster a culture of openness at the college by providing opportunities for faculty to educate themselves about OER and related topics.

In this spirit, we would like to share some materials developed by CTL staff. Some of these materials were created as part of live and/or synchronous programming, and some for


Since receiving grant funding the CTL has offered seminars for faculty to learn about OER, copyright, open licensing, and pedagogical approaches for converting a course from using cost-bearing materials to open and zero cost materials. These seminars provide an in-person opportunity to learn about relevant issues.

The Old Régime and the OER Revolution game

More recently we have developed a resource for delving more deeply into copyright and open licensing using Twine, an open-source digital tool for creating interactive games. Our game allows players to explore the process of choosing open and zero cost materials for a course in a workshop setting, with a CTL staff member, or on their own.

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