TeachOER thanks the following contributors of openly licensed teaching materials. This list is complete as of June 2022.

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Gabriel Alkon (English, Baruch College-CUNY) – Annotating Literary Texts

Anna Boozer (History, Baruch College-CUNY; Anthropology, The Graduate Center-CUNY) – ArcGIS StoryMaps for Final Assignments

Debra Caplan (Fine and Performing Arts, Baruch College-CUNY) – Introduction to Theatre Arts

Marcus Dargan (Communication Studies, Baruch College-CUNY) – Giving Critical Feedback

Allison Deutermann (English, Baruch College-CUNY) – Shakespeare Documented

Stephen Dishart (Communication Studies, Baruch College-CUNY) – Not-For-Profit Fundraising and Presentation Skills: National Park Foundation

A. Ficek (Fine and Performing Arts, Baruch College-CUNY) – French Rococo

J. Stephen Gosnell (Natural Sciences, Baruch College-CUNY) – Fundamentals of Ecology

Allison Hahn (Communication Studies, Baruch College-CUNY) – International Communication: Syllabus

Elizabeth Heath (History, Baruch College-CUNY) – ArcGIS StoryMaps for Final Assignments

Nicholas Johnson (Drama, Trinity College) – Endnotes to “Murphy” by Samuel Beckett

Tie Jojima (Fine and Performing Arts, Baruch College-CUNY) – Curate Your Exhibition; Street Art; Visiting an Art Museum

Catherine Keohane (English, Batuch College-CUNY) – StoryMapJS Author Biography Project

Chelsea Largent (English, Baruch College-CUNY) – Curating the Avant-Garde: Media and Aesthetic Movements

Eric Mandelbaum (Philosophy, Baruch College-CUNY, and The Graduate Center-CUNY) – Baruchlogic

Elizabeth Mannion (English, Baruch College-CUNY) – Endnotes to “Murphy” by Samuel Beckett

Jesse Rappaport (Philosophy, Baruch College-CUNY) – Baruchlogic

Tom Ribitzky (English, The Graduate Center-CUNY) – Teaching the Tristan Legend with Film

Elizabeth Stone (Political Science, Baruch College-CUNY) – Federalists and Anti-Federalists

Rianne Subijanto (Communication Studies, Baruch College-CUNY) – Media Analysis and Criticism: Readings, Documentary FilmsHomework Activities

Jessica Wagner Webster (Library/Information Studies, Baruch College-CUNY) – Digital Traces: Memory in an Online World