| Developed by Dr. Mary (Molly) Kern, Narendra Paul Loomba Department of Management, Baruch College, CUNY; and Dr. Minna Logemann, Communication, Baruch College, CUNY

Teaming presents a set of online resources created to support the work of teaming, which Professors Kern and Logemann define as “when a group of people with different abilities, talents, experiences, and backgrounds come together for a shared purpose,” in various disciplines and situations.


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The Teaming website is openly available on our Blogs@Baruch platform. Screenshot of the Teaming home page It features a variety of resources for effective teaming, including slides and videos. There are recommendations for further engagement with the topic including videos, articles, and podcasts. There are also relevant course recommendations for Baruch students, as well as guidance for faculty on how to integrate the site and its content into their teaching.

Though the faculty behind Teaming come from the fields of Organizational Psychology and Communication Studies, it is applicable to group work across disciplines as well as in non-educational contexts. The student-facing materials can be used in whole or in part, and there is a Quick Start Guide to help faculty choose and use the resources effectively.


Faculty Information

Professor Mary (Molly) Kern is an organizational psychologist whose research broadly follows two streams: negotiation and decision making, and group dynamics. Her work has been published in journals with broad appeal, such as Harvard Business Review, Psychological Science, and Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, and also more select quality “niche” journals oriented specifically around the theoretical and practical questions being studied. Prior to joining academe, Professor Kern worked for Deloitte for five years in Chicago, Detroit, and New York in their Audit Assurance Services, Recruiting, and Global HR Strategy groups.

Assistant Professor Mina Logemann joined Baruch as Assistant Professor of Global Corporate Communication from Aalto University 2017 where she held the position of Professor of Practice at the Department of Management, Unit of Organizational Communication since 2014. She teaches undergraduate and graduate students at Baruch, as well as in executive education programs internationally. Her research is aimed at publishing in peer-reviewed research journals on strategic transformations, organizational and corporate communication, and virtual teams both in global organizations and in higher education settings. She is interested in viewing communication as constitutive in organizing work and micro-level practices in these contexts. Prior to joining the academia, she worked for more than 20 years as a practitioner in communication positions in Finland, the UK, and the USA. She started her doctoral studies while she was working in the position of Senior Vice President, Corporate Communication and Investor Relations in a multinational corporation.


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