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Equality Archive is a multimedia open educational resource that documents the history of sex and gender equality in the United States. Drawing on the Equal Rights Amendment (and its lack of success in Congress) as source of inspiration, Equality Archive contains multimodal (text/image/video) entries about feminist histories, people, and issues. You can search these issues, people, and histories by browsing images or by browsing through keywords located in Equality Archive’s tag cloud.

The Equality Archive’s brief, accessible, fact-based, archival entries were written and peer-reviewed by over 25 feminists who are professors, artists, and authors. Each entry contains references, links to film, video, speeches, or music relevant to its topic. Every entry also connects with an opportunity to get involved—to volunteer or donate to an established organization already working toward a social good that must include empowered women.

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Openly licensed but not OER - Look out for restrictions on modification and/or redistribution.The Equality Archive is openly licensed but not OER.